02-03-2018 04:08

02-03-2018 04:08

Lucis Promotes Low Cost Therapies At The Banstead Centre
11-02-2018 12:17

We are working with Holistic Harmony CIC to provide monthly low cost therapy sessions  from the Banstead Centre, Banstead.  Please feel free to come and support us.  All treatments £15

22-01-2018 02:09

Working With The New Chakras 

27 January 2018 Lucis College 

We will be working with energy frequencies as well as crystals for the Transpersonal Chakras - Stella Gateway, Soul Star, Causal and Earth Star Chakras. 10-4 £95  if you feel this workshop is for you call 0795 8663041 or email: shirley@lucisgroup.com 

New FHT Accredited Courses
21-01-2018 02:55

Coming Soon NEW courses accredited with FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapists) including Reiki 1,2 and New Crystal Facial - call Shirley for more details

22-01-2017 10:34

28 Jan 2017 – 10-4 - Looking Good Feeling Good – introduction to colour “seasons”, finding the right colours to wear, understanding your body shape, etc – run at Lucis College Ltd – The Coach House, 38a Knoll Road, Dorking, Surrey R4 3EP 5 Feb 2017 – 10-4 The Art Of Relaxation – A practical workshop aimed at exploring a range of stress management tools and techniques. 18 Feb 2017 – 10-4 Introduction To Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage – Aimed at anyone wanting to learn the basics to practice on friends and family or considering doing a professional practitioner course.

Free 1 Day Workshops - Looking Good, Feeling Good, The Art Of Relaxation & Introduction To Head Neck & Shoulder Massage
22-01-2017 09:56

Courses funded by Nescott/Surrey Care Trust. Find the right colour seasons for you, discover new holistic stress management tools and techniques, try out head, neck and shoulder massage - these workshops are suitable for all. Spaces limited - please email shirley@lucisgroup.com or call 07958663041 to book or for more information

Why It’s So Important To Pick The Right Crystal For You And How To Do It.
02-01-2017 01:53

With so many crystal books available as well as onsite information on the qualities that crystals offer us to support both personal and spiritual development, it can be confusing if we simply take the information at face value and ignore our own intuitive abilities.

Crystals are amazing tools we can use to settle, balance, energise, re-turn and empower our subtle energy systems – meridians, chakras, nadis, marma points and auric field as well as help us to connect to different frequencies when we meditate.

To learn more click on the link to the article below.

Choosing the Right Crystal

Happy New Year
01-01-2017 03:58

Numerologically 2017 is the year of new beginnings - why not update your skills or explore your spiritual development with some of our energy based courses/workshops like Crystals, Reiki etc.

Meditation with Crystals
02-09-2016 10:47

There are many different ways to meditate. In the attached pdf Shirley discusses mediation with the use of crystals.

Download PDF

Platonic Solids
02-09-2016 09:44

The ancients knew about the power of Sacred Geometry. All over the world civilisations such as the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Indians designed their buildings using the principles of sacred geometry. Even more recently medieval European cathedrals were built to contain symbolic geometry which imbues these man made constructions with otherworldly energies.

Platonic Solids are one way of incorporating the energies of Sacred Geometry into a crystal treatment. I use a set of Platonic Solids which have been carved from Quartz crystal and they can be used in a number of different ways. Their name is attributed to the great Greek philosopher Plato who is credited to have been the person who assigned an element (Air, Fire, Water, Earth) to four of the shapes with the fifth element, encompassing all the other elements known as Spirit. However, the awareness of the Platonic Solids was probably pre Plato and more far reaching than ancient Greece. For example a set of solids carved in stone have been found in Scotland which predates Plato by more than 1,000 years. So how can we use these shapes? In my book – Working With Crystals I have some grids which I have reproduced here:

Platonic Solids Grids

Crystals should be placed around the patient’s body which should be either lying down as shown in the illustrations or sitting in a chair. The shape should then be drawn in with a wand by tracing the shape with the wand or joining up the one dimensional gaps. You will find that the shape will form as a three dimensional shape once the wand has been used. Use your hands and/or a pendulum to check the changes in the energy surrounding the patient. I would suggest that you stay in the grid for a maximum of around 15 minutes per session.

Crystal Healing & Sacred Geometry
02-09-2016 09:39

Whilst I am glad that from being a relatively unknown therapy when I trained, nowadays so many people have embraced crystals and taken them into their life as well as other therapies, I am saddened by how many people perceive crystals as just something that balances chakras or simply as touchstones which will bring something lacking into their lives for them.

The reality, as I see it, with Crystal Therapy is that the levels of awareness and healing you can reach with crystals are only limited by your understanding and frequencies you can access personally. As people develop and grow on their spiritual path, their ability to “tap into” different levels of awareness – some would say realities – are similar to tuning into different radio stations to access different sounds and formats of entertainment. Initially, we connect with Spirit often by experiencing a Guide, becoming aware of the angelic realms or perhaps learning Reiki /energy healing. Some folks are more mediumistic and so will be naturally drawn to development circles or tarot cards so that they are able to express their clairvoyant gifts. One of the joys of developing spiritually is that there is always something new and exciting to learn once you think you have mastered one aspect of all the different vibrations we can tap into out there another appears and you are off again on a path of learning and wonder.

For me, thanks to my initial training all those years ago, Crystals have always been inextricably linked to sacred geometry – the power of shape and form. From the different internal structures within a crystal, the outward shape of the crystal but also to the placement of crystals within grids which I believe, the healer co-creates with the crystals they use. The skill for the therapist lies in being able to select the correct crystals and use their own energy to bring the crystals alive within the grid whilst also being able to provide coherent feedback to the person you are treating on how those crystals are interacting with their individual subtle energy systems. This interaction of the client’s energy field not only with the crystals but also that of the healer’s is what makes the treatment profound and deeply spiritual.

For many students, Platonic Solids are the first introduction to Sacred Geometry – it is possible to buy (on our website shop for example) – sets of the 5 Platonic Solids carved out in Quartz crystal which can be used individually or within a grid. I have been using these sets for many years with many students and almost without exception they find that the treatment session is deeper and profound, often bringing with it a realisation or an empowerment within the client. Sacred Geometry is not just about the Platonic Solids – it can be complex and mathematical as you will find if you delve deeper but gaining at least a basic understanding will, I am sure allow you to access deeper frequencies in your healing and spiritual practice.


Kathy Mingo Returns
01-09-2016 08:44

Lucis College is happy to announce that Shirley ODonoghue and Kathy Mingo are running some workshops on Sacred Geometry and other topics.
Please watch this space for updates for the dates.

Kathy Mingo - Journey to the Soul